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Check out these amazing answers to all your questions about garage doors, springs, cable and tracks.

What is the timer-to-close?

It is the program integrated in many garage opener remote systems that ensures the door will close behind you if it is left open. You actually program how long after your exit the door should close and the door will close two minutes, for example, after you drive off.

Why are electric openers considered important?

Apart from their convenience, electric garage door openers come with many advanced standard features, which make our lives easier and definitely safer. The experts of our company in Forest Hills also insist that electric openers will develop further and, thus, offer us more safety features and amenities.

How can I clean my wooden garage door?

This process is quite simple. In order to keep your garage door in a good shape, all you have to do is remove dirt, dust and chalk by washing it with a mild solution detergent which not consists of any chemicals, and water.

What are the relevant measurements I need in buying a new garage door opener?

Aside from measuring the dimensions of your garage, you should also take note of the headroom, side rooms, and of course the size of the opening for the garage door. However, it is also important to know that not all garage doors fit all walls and not all types are compatible with certain garages.

How do I make the right opener choice?

When you choose new openers, you must know the characteristics of the overhead door. You must know the weight so that you can choose the right garage door motors in terms of horsepower. The choice of the drive is yours. For average home doors, belt and chain drive openers will be excellent. If you prefer silence, our professionals recommend belt drive openers.

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