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Gate Repair Services

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Gate Repair in Forest HillsAs an expert in garage door systems, “Garage Door Repair Forest Hills” is known for its efficiency as a reliable contractor but also for its great gate repair specialists. Our infrastructures are strong enough to support the needs of our clients even in a short notice. We have emergency 24 hour teams for the times the residential gate openers are problematic or when the clicker is lost. We fix all mechanical and electric parts of the system, are the ideal technicians to program intercom systems and are here to make your life easy, practical and safe.

We provide a plethora of services efficiently

We have servicing gates for long enough to know their particularities. As master technicians in different types, models and brands, we can assure you that all problems will be solved efficaciously. Your solid sliding gates, opener and parts will all be installed with perfection and repair needs will be covered as soon as possible. Some of the services we offer are:

Swing gate adjustment

When the swing gate hinges are loose due to rust or loose fasteners, our technicians will be there to fix them. We either tighten the hinges in order to balance each panel or replace them. In either case, we make sure adjustments are done properly and the gate opens and closes without giving you trouble or compromising your security.

Sliding gate wheels replacement

We are aces in sliding gate rollers replacement and give extra attention to their stability and the way they fit in the tracks. We can order them for you as we can order any part, which needs to be replaced. Thanks to our expertise we can replace all components with efficiency and we always make sure our job is done with accuracy, so that the gate will move properly and close well.

Gate intercom installation

Intercoms have become very popular lately due to their capacity to offer increased security. We are knowledgeable of their characteristics, requirements and services required and rest assured that we have the skills to program Doorking intercom systems and intercoms of any other brand. We can also install them properly and repair problems.

Gate clicker replacement

As great experts in gate opener service, we can assure you that your clicker will be replaced and be programmed as soon as possible. We can offer you great solutions from masters in the industry and order a new remote for you. We have excellent skills for all keypads, too. The entire electric system is checked, maintained and replaced by our technicians properly.

Residential and commercial gate service

Our technicians excel in maintenance service. We are experts in both residential and commercial systems and have the capacity to troubleshoot problems, lubricate parts, adjust and tighten components.

There is no real limit to what we can offer you. As long as there are problems, we will solve them. As long as our customers have needs, we will cover them. You can feel reassured about your security and safety as long as you have our teams by your side. Rest assured that we never stop getting better in order to meet your standards, the demands of new opening systems, and the requirements of your gate. We are always here for you! Just call or email us!

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