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How to Paint Steel Garage Doors

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

The good thing about most metal garage doors is that they can be repainted. This is not necessary solely for aesthetic reasons but a main step for the prolonging of their lifespan. Let's not forget that panels and especially their outer parts are constantly exposed to the rain, winds, dust and sun. Elements have a bad impact on them and won't only make their original color fade but they might also create tiny cracks or corrosion and such problems must be solved.


The right steps for garage door painting


Garage door paint must never start before the door panel is exhaustively cleaned, the garage door tracks are fully covered and the right varnishes bought. Preparing for the job is often harder than the actual task. If the door isn't properly cleaned, for example, dust won't allow you to apply the paint well. It will burst. The finish won't be smooth and there'll be a risk that the paint won't last. It's equally important to protect the other garage door parts because paint splashes will keep the door from moving properly afterwards. For the same reason, be extra careful when you paint the edges of the door and avoid painting the sides or the door will stick.


It's vital to choose the right primers and finish, which are appropriate for steel doors and make sure they're suitable for outdoor use. It's definitely significant to remove old paintings, especially if they peel off. The surface must be soft and lack bumps that will make the new paint pop. Of course, the door must be cleaned well first with water and detergent and must be left to dry perfectly well. This might take a few hours or more depending on the weather conditions.


You should give emphasis on rusty parts. They must be scrubbed off and the door must be treated before you apply the primer, which is meant to protect your overhead door from future erosion. It's important to apply any varnish in thin layers and let it dry well before you move on to the next one. Steel doors would need acrylic latex paints but make sure the right powder coat primers are used first not only to cover cracks and imperfections but also to create the basis for the final color. This will be important if the current color is dark and you want to paint it with a softer color.


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